The Importance of purchasing used and refurbished collapsible containers

Businesses all over the country store their products in our containers and pallets. We offer brand new items as well as used. Although we are happy to provide either product, we wanted to take some time to discuss the benefits to purchasing used items. With the current global warming crisis, it is always very important to reuse any products you have and also to repurpose them whenever possible. Minimizing land fill should be a top priority for everyone.

Please keep in mind that reusing an item will also save you 100% of the costs you would have delegated toward the new items. Furthermore, purchasing crates, pallets or collapsible containers that are refurbished or used, typically yields a hefty discount on the item(s). In the struggling economy we are faced with, saving money is very important, especially on business endeavors. When you have a sufficient amount of funds, you are able to purchase more items thus helping the economy.

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How to Organize your Warehouse

Organizing your warehouse or work space is an essential part of running a functional business. Without rules, regulations and organization, you will not be able to do coordinate work smoothly throughout the day. For tips on establishing a functional work space, read below:

1. Label Everything. Be sure to keep a filing or storage system for all inventory and paperwork. A great deal of money and time is lost each year just from employees not being able to find what they need.

2. Compartmentalize Using Pallets and Boxes. When you divide your products and have them well organized, you find things faster and save quite a bit of space! Our new (and used!) collapsible containers are a fantastic way to get organized. They can even be customized to fit your needs.

3. Keep a Work Log. Log the amount of tasks you were able to complete in a day- subsequently time yourself. This will allow you to pin point areas that require improvement or a pivot in your operation.

If you need help choosing what type of product is best to suit your business, feel free to contact us here.

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  1. Hang on Wall: Flooding typically ruins anything on or close to the floor of your garage. Elevate your belongings by hanging them on the walls of your garage for added safety.
  2. Secure Garage Door: Make sure your have a secure, weatherproof garage door, able to withstand torrential downpours to ready you for any level storm.
  3. Organize in Pallets: Housing your belonging in waterproof pallets is a great way to protect them against the elements.

Would you like to use pallets to organize your garage? Pallet Selections offers quality pallets, perfect for keeping your valuable dry, no matter how harsh the storm my be.

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Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Know the High Sellers – You can organize your warehouse so that the items you sell the most are easily accessible and close to the shipping area, in order to save labor time and effort.

Label it All – It’s all about reducing errors. Label all your inventory when it comes in to avoid dealing with issues later.3

Keep it Up – Things become super easy and are convenient when inventory is labeled, organized and accessible. Don’t let your inventory management solely rely upon software and inspect your operation regularly.

For new plastic pallets and reusable collapsible containers that can help keep your warehouse clean and organized, check out Pallet Selections today.

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3 Tips for Dorm Storage


  1. Wall Hooks: One way to keep your cramped dorm room feeling spacious is to keep the floors clear. Hanging towels, jewelry, purses, and the like from hooks on walls is a great way to keep floors clutter-free.
  2. Shoe Racks: Are your shoes overwhelming your dorm room space? Try hanging a vertical shoe rack for more space-effective storage.
  3. Under Bed Pallet Bins: Under-bed space is the most often under-used dorm storage area. Fill pallet bins with your belongings and store under your bed for easy access.

Would your dorm room benefit from pallet bins? Pallet Selections offers a variety of new and used pallet bins to keep your dorm room organized all year long.

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3 Tips for Garage Organization



  1. Magnets: Installing a magnetic strip to your garage wall is the perfect way to decoratively store all your tools. Attach magnets to the tops of jar lids and hang them as well for easy use and a fun look.
  2. Bungee Cords: Ever wonder how to consolidate all those rubber balls? Try sectioning off an area of your garage with bungee cords, to keep balls in place, but still easy to reach.
  3. Pallets: While cardboard boxes deteriorate overtime, pallets, made of strong, long-lasting, plastics, endure the test of time. They can also hold heavy loads for ultimate storage.

Would your garage benefit from pallets? Pallet Selections offers a variety of pallet options, made from reusable materials, to organize your garage and endure overtime.


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